Crystal Spheres

Crystal Spheres

Crystal Spheres 1920 1280 Sage & Seer

Crystal spheres have been utilised for hundreds possibly thousands of years for their encompassing healing qualities.

They evoke a sense of mystery and mysticism and heal in all directions due to their spherical configuration; they emit a wholesome, balanced complete healing frequency and working with them brings a deeper awareness to the divine feminine and the sacred masculine forces within each of us.

They help hold space in group gatherings and have the ability to smooth any rough edges within the group dynamic especially when used instead of a talking stick.

Holding the sphere during group communication helps the person to remain whole, pure and true because it has the ability to fill in all the gaps in your auric field which helps you feel safe, protected and sheathed in a gown of healing light giving you the freedom to express your vulnerability and story.

Solo meditation with a crystal sphere can help you to heal and release trauma from the past, present and future, creating a bridge between all timelines and incarnations and witnessing events on this level is a technique known as scrying.

Enjoy, it is much more than just a crystal ball.

My love & blessings

Janey x

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