Do you ever feel like women’s medicine is done to us, instead of with us?

Yeah. I hear you. But what if it doesn’t have to be?

I believe you have the power when it comes to your hormonal health, fertility, well-being and healing. And, I’m on a mission to help and guide you. Your intuition, instinct and intentions are all acknowledged and activated in your sessions. I hear you.

My practice focuses on women’s health helping you rebalance and align your endocrine system and your overall hormonal well-being. This includes your menstrual cycle, libido and menopause. No woman should feel at the mercy of her hormones.

I have developed a deep resonance from my own experiences and through ongoing study and clinical experience I offer evidence based therapies including homeopathy, reiki, massage, crystals and tarot to support your overall body, mind, and spirit to heal and thrive.

Hey there

I’m Janey

The heart-centered Mama behind Sage & Seer.

For the past 15 years I’ve had the honour of supporting hundreds of women to heal and transform through the hardest moments in their life – womb trauma, hormone hell, depression, anxiety and in more recent times – infertility and miscarriage.

What I have come to know in holding these courageous women in the depths of their desperation and grief is there are a lot of shades of grey when it comes to women’s health and fertility. There aren’t always answers and this is unsettling.

Recently many of my clients have felt that having a baby has become their toughest life challenge. They’ve told me they feel inadequate, flawed and unheard. Tired of being poked, prodded and medicated. Some days flowing and glowing, then other days distraught, constantly praying that this month is their turn.

But here’s the thing… I believe that fertility is so much more than making babies. It’s a conscious journey filled with love, deeply supportive, creative and sacred – no matter how long it takes, or how it’s achieved. I believe that fertility is a sense of wholeness within yourself.

I am here to support you every step of the way.

Client Love

“Janey is a force field of bright light and love.”

“Her poly contraceptive detox works! My baby and I are proof!”


I’ve spent the past 15+ years studying various healing modalities. I’m a qualified and registered homeopath, a massage therapist fusing Swedish massage with Ayurvedic techniques, a reiki master and teacher, and I incorporate tarot reading and crystals into your healing.

My practice, based in Inishcrone, Co.Sligo is an inviting, relaxing, and sacred healing space where I welcome you to feel safe, secure and supported. I also offer online consultations and distance healing and have been blessed to support women all over the world.

On a personal note​

I love helping and healing women, instilling in them that they too are a healer. It’s what I came here to do, it has come naturally to me from a young age and brings me more alive than anything. And honestly, my life wouldn’t be the same without the women I get to meet and work with every day. And for this I am so blessed and grateful.

I’m a wife to Daithi and mother to a fleet of four curious and vibrant children, three of which are teenagers, Keelan, Saoirse-Luna, Kahu and Manaia who is still in primary school and we adore our German Short haired pointer named Nova.

I’m the first to admit that I’m a wild combination; a jumble of joyous dichotomies. I’ve got a sensitive heart and an insatiable hunger for challenging convention and seeking truth. When I’m not supporting women, you’ll find me wandering the woodlands, camping under the stars, combing the beach or swimming in the ocean.

Mother nature is my biggest inspiration as she is such an incredible healer

Wise Womb

Balance your hormones, balance your life

Join other wonderful women in my private facebook community Wise Womb. I offer practical, actionable solutions to balance your hormones and help you feel more informed and ultimately more empowered about your health. There are monthly meditations, group healings, tarot, crystal advice, and much more.

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