More than a Massage

Relax and revive from head to toe. I’m here to help restore a sense of harmony not only to your body, but your mind and soul.

Tailored Massages

I combine Swedish massage with the timeless traditions of Ayurvedic touch to bring you incredibly relaxing or deeply stimulating treatments. Whether your joints are tired and sore or you are simply looking for more zen time, my intuitive style will leave you feeling reconnected to your body in a way you’ve never felt.

I listen to you and your physical cues and everything is 100% customised to what your body needs. It’s a fusion of Swedish massage meets Ayurveda and all of it’s divine ancient wisdom.

I use organic aromatherapy oils and the principles of energy medicine to help you connect with your precious body. It’s an experience that transcends massage as you know it.

My massage treatments are designed to help you tune out of the noise and tune into your unique frequency.

By doing so it is my hope that you will feel the powerful energy that resides in your body and leave feeling completely centered, recharged and tranquil.

Here’s why Massage is so incredible

Relieve muscle tension

Cultivates improved circulation

Release stress and anxiety

Reconnect you to your spirit

Massage Treatments


€140 | 90 mins

This really is nirvana. A deeply therapeutic and awakening full body treatment designed to create physical relaxation whilst also clearing the mental clutter. Utilising stimulating Swedish touch, Ayurvedic techniques, reiki energy and aromatherapy.


€120 | 60 mins

This massage will nurture your body, relax your mind, calm your emotions and harmonise your soul. Utilising a combination of deep tissue and Ayurvedic meridian release to loosen your back, neck and shoulder muscles all infused with Reiki to revitalise your energy.


€120 | 60 mins

This massage is woven together with the harmonics of soothing touch, sacred essential oils specifically blended to activate your higher mind, intuition and shakti wisdom. With specially selected crystals that will deepen your connection to your divine feminine self we will initiate your Sovereignty to empower your flow, balance and power.

Wise Womb

€120 | 60 mins

The combination of Massage, Reiki and Tuning forks are a profound healer for any woman’s womb or absence of one. This treatment centres around healing the womb and filling her with a gentle flow of abundance, creativity and love. Includes one oracle card to raise awareness.

Deep Roots

€80 | 60 mins

Your feet contain meridians that lead to all your organs, bones and brain and these are like maps to healing. Relax with this treatment combining an epsom salt soak, meditation, intention and massage to soothe tired feet.

Client Love

“This was therapy at cellular level”

“Janey gave me an exquisite back massage with reflexology recently. I felt absolutely amazing afterwards. From the moment you walk into this space you feel relaxed. Beautiful aromas, a turf fire smouldering and heated towels”


Do you have questions?

Discover the FAQ to help you navigate your questions and answers. Here are some of the most common questions I get about massage.

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