A natural, holistic and progressive system of medicine that treats a wide variety of illnesses, conditions and encourages your body to heal.


A natural, holistic and progressive system of medicine that treats a wide variety of illnesses, conditions and encourages your body to heal.

Dynamic Healing

A dynamic and empowering system of natural medicine that is gentle and meticulous. Each treatment is tailored to your unique requirements taking a complete view of the symptoms.

Homeopathy encompasses every aspect of your health by encouraging you to heal naturally and stay healthy, longer.

The benefits can be increased energy, deeper sleep, calmer mood, improved immune system, balanced hormones, good fertility. Homeopathy has the ability to create many positive ripples within your life, family and communities.

My homeopathy treatments have helped and positively impacted the symptoms of acute and chronic conditions, mood disorders, fertility issues and more for my clients.

Consultations are in house or via the internet we discuss your symptoms, health history, traumas, fears and any other issues affecting your health or wellbeing.

Here’s why Homeopathy is so incredible

I trace the root cause, not just symptoms.

I blend tailored remedies designed just for you.

I will naturally address your hormones and endocrine system.

Mind, body, emotions, energy. I encompass it all.

Homeopathy Treatments

Homeopathy Consult

€120 | 90 mins (first session)

Your first consultation is an opportunity for me to understand you. We discuss mental, physical and emotional symptoms, fears, trauma and other health concerns

Includes remedies

Homeopathy Acute Consult

€65 | 30 mins

This consultation is for an acute prescription or short follow up.

Includes remedy

Homeopathy Follow Up Consult

€100 | 45-60 mins

This consultation happens 6 weeks after your initial consultation. We’ll review your treatment plan and overall well-being at the time.

Includes remedies

Homeopathy Detox Therapy

€150 | 90 mins

This treatment is incredible for detoxing from side effects of medication, chemicals, contraceptives and vaccinations. This protocol takes between 6 and 9 weeks.

Homeopathy Couples Fertility Journey

€400 | 120 mins

This dynamic session is specifically tailored to your requirements on your fertility journey wherever that may be. I am here to support you every step of the way and I encourage you to attend together if possible.I hold a sacred space understanding how difficult it can be and we gently explore your story together. I address your cycle & hormones, mental and emotional health, I consider homeopathic detox therapy where necessary, we discuss nutrition & lifestyle, anxieties, trauma & grief.

If you need to discuss anything with me before booking please do so on my free 15min discovery call here.

Client Love

“It works and it’s amazing!”

“I completed a Homeopathic detox with Janey to improve my chances of conceiving. I hadn’t been successful after many months of “trying.” I knew it was working after just a week and before I completed the 4 weeks I found out I was expecting! I just wish I completed this sooner! It works and it’s amazing!”


Do you have questions?

Discover the FAQ to help you navigate your questions and answers. Here are some of the most common questions I get about homeopathy.

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