What is distance healing?

What is distance healing?

What is distance healing? 1920 1280 Sage & Seer

A story said by the healer and her patient

All things by immortal power,
Near or far,
To each other linked are,
That thou canst not stir a flower
Without troubling of a star.

~ Francis Thompson

I first met Monika in Dublin at a Body, Mind, Soul Festival in November 2019. I walked into the huge RDS and found myself immediately drawn to her table!

We connected over our love of crystals and I was in luck that day as she had something I had been searching for, selenite wands! There was one there that just leapt out at me and she started laughing as she could sense my delight!

During my drive home I was guided to offer her a Reiki distance healing, to help her shift some of the stagnation she was experiencing as I sensed her energy was depleted and also there was a huge shift in her consciousness developing and she needed stimulating to connect on a deeper level with this.

I have been working as a Reiki Master for over thirteen years now and as I am originally from New Zealand, distance healing was something that I quickly took too and utilised constantly for family and friends whilst I was travelling.

Explaining distance healing can be difficult to grasp, so I will keep it simple.

We are all energetic beings, and as the above quote says, we are all connected. When you utilise Reiki and intention to work specifically with another person or animal it is possible to emit a healing frequency and resonance that has the capacity to transcend time and space.

When I work with distance healing clients you ARE energetically in my healing space, on my table and I am able to tune into your vibrational codes and broadcast healing frequencies to rebalance, realign and release energetic blocks, trapped emotions, mental imbalances and physical pain.

I approach the session just as though you are physically here and I draw on all my modalities to gleam the information you need to heal and transform on an energetic level as well as dealing with your physical, mental and emotional bodies.

I use Reiki, Crystals, Tarot& Oracle cards, Bach Flowers, Tuning forks and a few other tools I have acquired in the last 26 years being a lightworker.

Monika’s session was incredible and very in-depth, we hadn’t exchanged much conversation and I knew very little about her, except one issue she really wanted help with. Throughout her session there was heavy focus of tuning into her inner voice, unleashing her wild spirit and slowing down her thoughts so she could connect with her guides.

I could sense there was some doubt around whether or not she had guides and that finding a way to connect with them by slowing down and frequently being in nature would help her to unwind mentally, this would stimulate the flow of guidance that she was calling in.

Advising Monika to work with the tuning fork frequency 852Hz to deepen this connection, and also to try and avoid diary products to help the health of her sinuses would fast track the activation of her hypothalamus and pituitary glands, which would impact the flow of wisdom she was downloading.

Monika has a big strong heart, although vocalising her desires at times has been difficult. Guiding her to work on releasing her throat chakra and giving her the practical task of massaging neroli oil into this centre to help her speak with truth and love was necessary for a period of time.

I spent a relatively large portion of the healing focussing on Monika’s Solar plexus and stomach area and it was here that some trauma from another life time was revealed to me. I was called to utilise the dynamic and powerful regenerative Citrine crystals to help establish a new flow of positive energy and cleanse the stagnation she was carrying with her in this energy centre.

Learning to trust her ‘gut feelings’ and spending her time in nature to build a deep connection and sense of grounding will help Monika to achieve all she desires.

Monika’s mantra “I unleash my wildness and choose to be free”

My style of distance healing has developed over many years, I am a facilitator, a navigator, a messenger. One of my deepest interests in life is helping you be healthy, happy and free. The two things that are required for it are your permission to help you heal and your willingness to follow through on the advice and guidance you receive from Source.

Healing takes time, reflection and going at your own pace.

Deepest love and blessing to you all.

Janey x

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