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Faeries & Magic

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I was raised in a small town in New Zealand, it is surrounded by native bush, forests, lakes, rivers, streams and the entire tapestry is bound and woven together with the most fascinating and beautiful culture, wisdom and beliefs of the Maori people

As a child my world was filled with Maori culture and I was completely transfixed and lost in a timeless state of incredulous wonder each time I sat at the feet of my teachers to listen to the teachings, myths, legends, language and songs that they shared.

The Patupaiarehe were a favourite of mine, a race of Faeries that lived deep in the forests and often played tricks on Humans, much like the Leprechauns here in Ireland. I spent hours deep in the forests surrounding my town, climbing fire breaks, swimming in rivers, building huts, and searching endlessly for them.

Often, on a winter’s morning I would find them as the mist would descend and rapidly engulf me as I climbed deep into the forest’s belly, calling them as I went. The mist is shrouded in their energy and they would shimmer through the thin veil using it to camouflage their presence so they can emerge without being seen.

Each time a mist floats into a morning in Ireland I am lead to believe that the Irish Faeries are about too, and I look for confirmation of this by walking barefoot in the garden, calling out to them, leaving little offerings of flowers, leaves, crystals or pinecones and looking for little signs or acknowledgments of their overnight adventures.
Historically they are an integral part of the magic and folklore that Ireland is steeped in and people here for the most part hold them in high adoration and respect. This awareness of the Faerie realm and the elementals brings a deeper understanding of nature and the ebb and flow of the seasons, other dimensions and more importantly the magic that is available to us when we just stop for a moment to believe, sense, and look and today on my lap around the garden searching for them shrouded in mist and dampness I found fresh mushrooms, a gift from them left behind as a reminder that they are real.

Janey x

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