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Faeries & Magic 1920 1280 Sage & Seer

Faeries & Magic

As a child my world was filled with Maori culture and I was completely transfixed and lost in a timeless state of incredulous wonder each time I sat at the feet of my teachers to listen to the teachings, myths, legends, language and songs that they shared.

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Crystal Spheres 1920 1280 Sage & Seer

Crystal Spheres

They evoke a sense of mystery and mysticism and heal in all directions due to their spherical configuration; they emit a wholesome, balanced complete healing frequency and working with them brings a deeper awareness to the divine feminine and the sacred masculine forces within each of us.

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What is distance healing? 1920 1280 Sage & Seer

What is distance healing?

I first met Monika in Dublin at a Body, Mind, Soul Festival in November 2019. I walked into the huge RDS and found myself immediately drawn to her table!

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