Reiki for Radiance

By working directly with your body’s matrix of subtle energies we can move stagnation, elevate emotions and begin to rebalance your system.

In-person Healing

We’re all guided by the same life force, and it controls our physical, emotional and mental well-being. Reiki healing can realign your body and mind in a profound way – working at a subconscious and energetic level and allowing your most expansive self to flourish.

I am practically guided and intuitively led by the flow of energy through the different centres in your body and subtle bodies. Reiki is deeply restorative and can enhance the vitality of your life force. A typical session lasts an hour with you resting quietly, in my relaxing space.

Both touch and non-touch methods of rebalancing and healing are used. When required I incorporate breath work, crystals and tuning forks to induce subtle sensations in different bodily areas to further release stagnant energy giving way to feelings of contentment, calm and inner peace.

Reiki is subtle and soothing, energising and elemental and at the same time magic and mysterious. The benefits I have witnessed over the years have been simple, yet profound.

Reiki works on all levels of your well being so whether you are coming in with physical issues, emotional imbalances or, mental health struggles you will leave feeling lighter, brighter and more optimistic.

Reiki for Radiance

Support feminine balance through all cycles

self-awareness to instil healing

Clear limiting beliefs and emotional wounds

Calms central nervous system and improves sleep

Reiki Treatments


€80 | 60 mins

A centering Reiki treatment to realign your energy, revitalise your well-being and create a deep state of relaxation and heartfulness.

Wonderful Womb

€80 | 60 mins

A delicate session focusing on nurturing and nourishing your womb to bring balance, creativity and flow to your divine shakti – feminine energy.

Energy Alchemy

€120 | 90 mins

This treatment offers practical wisdom and insightful tips to really empower you. I synergistically weave reiki, tarot and crystals into this treatment to bring you a collective understanding and deep mystical healing.

Client Love

“It’s empowering!”

“ She is… equal parts loving, curious, edgy and kind. She’s got this sixth sense which gives you access to so much wisdom that is within you.”

Aoife, Co Mayo

Distant Healing

€100 | 60 min
€150 | 120 min

This treatment is energy alchemy!

Wherever you are on the globe an unlimited source of energy flows to you during this profound session of healing, release and insight.

I actively combine this infinite universal flow of positive energy with the intuitive guidance I receive by tuning into your energy field.

I invite you to create further opportunities to heal and raise your vibration with voice clip feedback offering you practical advice, wisdom and synergistic blends of oils, remedies or nutrients.

I draw awareness from tarot, oracle, crystals, tuning forks and utilise the healing frequencies of radionics. You’ll benefit in ways you weren’t expecting through space. This is conscious healing!

Do you have questions?

Discover the FAQ to help you navigate your questions and answers. Here are some of the most common questions I get about reiki.

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