Here’s what some of my amazing clients have to say

“She listens. She loves. She heals.”

“Janey has this magical way of getting to the heart of your motivations, your fears, and pain while bringing a huge amount of kindness and love, and ultimately, she has helped to heal my emotional health challenges.”

Orla, Co.Mayo

“Janey is a force field of bright light and love.”

“Her poly contraceptive detox works! My baby and I are proof!”

Elisa, Co Sligo

“It works and it’s amazing!”

“I completed a Homeopathic detox with Janey to improve my chances of conceiving. I hadn’t been successful after many months of “trying.” I knew it was working after just a week and before I completed the 4 weeks I found out I was expecting! I just wish I completed this sooner! It works and it’s amazing!”


“ This was therapy at cellular level”

“Janey gave me an exquisite back massage with reflexology recently. I felt absolutely amazing afterwards. From the moment you walk into this space you feel relaxed. Beautiful aromas, a turf fire smouldering and heated towels”

Louise, Co Sligo

“It’s empowering!”

“ She is… equal parts loving, curious, edgy and kind. She’s got this sixth sense which gives you access to so much wisdom that is within you.”

Aoife, Co Mayo

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